Long time no update

Well the job with La Spaziale is keeping me very busy indeed.

Which is nothing but a good thing. After the mess of competition (which at some point I may post my thoughts about) its been good to get back to doing the basic things which are incredibly enjoyable.

Just to watch people’s faces light up when they achieve something simple, but something they are proud of, is wonderful.

Its those people with a little bit of knowledge and something to prove that are the difficult ones. Above those there are people who are just informed and passionate and willing to learn through discourse, not just try and prove what they know.

I’ve started working with the Copenhagen Coffee Academy on some research for milk. I need to hook up the S1 and start doing some experiments on milk foam. I also have some ideas for sabayons and perhaps creating something of a similar texture without using egg yolk as that would be much easier to realise in competition.

I will post more photos soon as my camera is now working again (post NYE dropping…)

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