A grinder

I am starting to think about building a grinder for competition. Things of importance will be no dosing chamber, having the coffee drop straight from the burrs into the portafilter. The burrs will have to be conical but turning very slowly indeed so the dose isn’t too fast and the coffee is as cool as possible.

I am going to do some heat tests on the heat of coffee coming out of the burrs to get some idea of how much cooler a 350rpm conical burr is compared to a 700 rpm flat burr.

If the coffee is dropping straight out of the burrs then I suppose we can no longer have a direct drive shaft, so it will have to be on a belt or cogs – which may help reduce rotation speed I guess.

In truth I just don’t know much about it all but I guess its about time to learn….

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  1. Anonymous

    The way you describe the grinder you might want to have a look at the Versalab M3 grinder!
    Wolfgang (aka wogaut)

  2. jim seven

    I’m still not sold on the M3 – but toomuchcoffee.com are doing an interview with them so I will maybe ask them to pass on some questions.

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