Breaking each bean in the blend

I was working on my blend on Friday and I had a few coffees that I wanted to cup individually.

Dug out a Ditting (I do like stepless grinding) and off I went. Now these coffees all varied in densities – granted, most of the Brazils took the same grind for the same extration time but once we were over in Guatamala or Cuba then it was very different.

So each bean is of different density to start with, then emphasise that through the roast. They need to be broken down differently to give up their flavours correctly for espresso.

Once they are in a blend they only have one grind applied to them. Does this mean that some overextract whilst others underextract? Should one compensate for this some how?

I’d be curious to pack the basket with a set weight of each coffee ground to order on its own particular grind to see how different the shot would taste compared to an all in one grind.

Well – I suppose I have the time and the inclination so should I do it I will post the results.

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