Live 8 aftermath

Well, first and foremost I have no pictures of it. There was a very strict camera embargo backstage, and any sign of one would have had me kicked out.
Secondly – this is not going to be a list of the fabulous and oh so exciting celebrities I met (but getting to make coffee for Dave Gilmore was something of a treat for me!)

It was really hard work today. There from 8 am, fighting techies and sparkies to get some power for the machine. Eventually (after about turning 200 caffeine hungry people away) we got the thing up and running, the grind dialed in and lots of fresh cold milk ready.

We were using my Spaziale Seletron 2 group that I use for training and demo sessions – I’d gone in the night before to set it up on my own.

Its got a ten litre boiler (cos of how its heat exchanger works it doesn’t need the larger volume) so I wasn’t best pleased when the tea urn people didn’t show and we had to hammer it for tea but I have to say I was mighty impressed.

I was working with Paul Meikle-Janney from Coffee Connection in Huddersfield and I think we worked together quite well – we know each other but have never made a lot of coffee on the same machine.

Between 11am and 9pm we went through about 9 kilos of coffee – a lot of people drinking espresso which I often find odd. Everything else had a little art poured on top – it still amazes me how many people haven’t seen a rosetta before! Impressively Paul McCartney’s guitarist (I didn’t realise who he was til I saw the tv feed of it) took to drinking double and triple macchiatos. Thats just not right….

So now I am shattered and I might head to bed. An interesting day. Not a day to be a primadonna, or be glamourous but people seemed to really enjoy what we did (had some lovely comments…) Was cool to be there.

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  1. Jimmy

    Heh, I stumbled on your blog awhile ago, and I must say, it’s a gooder (I think Live 8 is THE gig of private gigs, I must say!)

    I enjoy your posts and your perspective on scientific matters…

    rock on!

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