It’s interesting to watch the infighting and bickering over at the BGA forum, as the community slowly eats itself.

I guess despite what anyone says we always have an agenda, we are all in business, we all have goals to achieve and will look to do so through whatever means necessary or available. I don’t really go with the whole selfless attitude thing because I’ve seen it so many times before and I know that its rubbish.

Sometimes I find the politics of this industry very hard, makes me want to disappear off to origin and hang out there for a while and not worry too much, but onwards we struggle.

What I need about now is some contact with someone who is going to push me again, as a barista. That sounds so desperately arrogant that I should probably delete but I suppose that I’ve enjoyed the time with people like Fritz Storm so much, even though I had the crap kicked out of my ego (only a good thing) that I kind of want that learning experience over again…

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