They are lying to you!

A couple of weeks ago now there was a big section in the Hotel and Caterer magazine on coffee.

Aside from the usual bits and pieces on the vending world and the like there was also an article on espresso and diagnosing the regular faults in the bar. (there was a lovely picture if the Spaziale S1 in one article which was nice)

Now I know this was a basic article with the aim of giving an understanding of grind but slap bang in the middle of it, under the “My coffee tastes bitter section” was the “You may be tamping too hard”. I’m sorry but no, this is not true. We know its not true. I’ve repeatedly timed shots going from tamping as hard as I can to not tamping. The difference in time is about 3 or 4 seconds and the difference in taste obvious in the horrible untamped shot. I know the guy who wrote the article, I’ve worked with him on occaison and I am not about to start slagging him off on here. But he should know better, simple as that.

Its symptomatic of something I see everywhere in the industry – people twisting the facts to fit, for example how long coffee is fresh for, or the correct amount of liquid to brew a shot with, or shot times or etc etc etc. the list goes on.

As I said below, to have to argue and correct this everyday is simply frustrating.

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