Just back from Bologna

Had a great couple of days at the Spaziale head office in Bologna. Went with an interesting group of people.

What gets me really cross with myself is hunting for a camera during our coffee shop tour, not finding it, getting angry cos I’d left it in the UK but then finding it whilst rummaging round my PC bag in the airport last night.

I am an idiot.

There should be some photos with the articles that will be coming out. It was lovely to talk to and educate people who are writing about coffee every day and yet don’t really have the depth of understanding that the passionate people in our industry wish they did.

The new Spaziale machines are also quite cool. There is the new S5 which will have digitally controlled, variable brew temp for each group!

All will be revealed at Host in Milan in October.
Get to meet some growers today who are in London before going over to Hamburg. I hope I don’t get too groupy – “Oh, I love your work….”

Then off to Hamburg for me and Anette tomorrow. This time I WILL take my camera!

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