Tea and Coffee World Cup – Hamburg

I will write a fuller report in time, once I get back to the UK. This is just a quick update.

Got here last night, but we were setting up til about 10pm, and I was shattered so I saw little more than the inside of a little restaurant close to my hotel.

Today was pretty hectic. Malkhonig have lent us a prototype of a new grinder for use in the cupping (I am working on the Cup of Excellence), with some knobs and tweaks – though it being grounded to a small saucepan is a little odd.
We were doing the Columbia Cup of Excellence presentation – we did six coffees. All of them lovely, lots of chocolate, good body, a little spice. It was interesting to see how the acidity came and went in various coffees as they cooled.
Having cleaned down and washed up a couple of hundred cups I am pretty tired so I write this from my hotel room before a quick nap. (I feel so old.)

I will take more pictures tomorrow and the post a big photo blog thing of the whole thing.

I promise.

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