Hamburg – With photos!

Just back from Hamburg yesterday, though the show hadn’t finished.
Was an interesting couple of days. Met some really lovely people, a few of them growers, many of them involved in the Cup of Excellence who I was there to help out.

The first day we were doing a Columbia cupping, just a few coffees – only 6 – and 12 tables each with two cuppers on them. The prep work was all quite hectic backstage, Malkhonig had lent us a prototype grinder they are developing for things like the Cup of Excellence. It was interesting to work with…
As always with these events there is something of a rough and ready presentation – you never get proper bowls!
A few interesting faces at the cupping, if you know them from the pictures…

Didn’t see too much of Hamburg that night we were both shattered and ended up taking a nap that managed to last 13 hours. Ooops.

Up early the next day, sorting out the El Salvador cupping – which I was really looking forward to! More chaotic prep work, a few extra hands helping out (including the fabulous Tobias). Actually got a chance to take a couple of minutes out to break, sniff, slurp and taste. There were 3 bourbons and 3 pacamaras. I expected to like the bourbons more than I did but the pacamaras were just so fruity and wonderful. I love how coffees open themselves up as they cool.

The rest of the show was ok. As you’d guess a lot of it was tea based, and lots of it packing and processing stuff. Only a couple of machine people there. One of them was Brasilia who were sponsoring the latte art competition. Had a chat to Danny Johns before hand about it, and they didn’t seem to get much response for the competitions they were running. Perhaps we are getting “competition fatigue”… I watched a few competitors. As I had worried a lot of the espresso at the bottom of the drinks was pretty poor.

I was looking for some cups for competition, and stumbled across a place giving away free cups, and I am easily bought. I am on the look out for some new competition cups and they had some nice stuff.

Not sure who won any of the competitions, and sadly I will miss the Honduras and Nicaragua cuppings. However I am quite excited to try a couple of the Salvadors in espresso…
Got a couple of new projects brewing which are quite exciting too!

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