Roasting for the new blend

More roasting practise for me this evening, stood over a particularly smoky little probat (Anette is cross no one cleaned it!).

Trying to slow down the roasts a little more, and I am still getting to grips with roasting charts but all these things are essential if I am to create a coffee I am will be truly happy with.

Stephen Hurst came back from Seattle with a little of the Artigiano blend, which I will be curious to try – if anyone has the brew recipe handy (temp. dose etc) then leave a comment or drop me an e-mail. Stephen’s comments about the espresso he drank in Seattle (too sharp for his palatte) and the style of blending a lot of people were using was interesting. Mostly because it is clear I want a very different end product to them. I know what I want to taste, and I hope I can put together a coffee good enough.
Sadly the Canario from Cachoeira won’t be arriving til the end of January, so I hope I make it through to the finals so I can get it into a blend for the showdown….
We shall see.

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