Keeping on top of your technique

Well, I have to admit I’ve gotten a little lazy of late. A couple of hours with a crotchless soon fixed it. Couldn’t work out why I was always getting channelling in the same place, but slow deconstruction and then rebuilding found the problem. My version of the stockfleths type move wasn’t doing the job properly and I was compressing parts too hard and then I was sweeping the excess off too aggressively.

I’ve also just started working with the new Mahlkonig K30 Vario. It is different to the previous K30 as it has no controlled dosing, it just free grinds when the button is depressed. The other change is that it is stepless. I am just getting used to the kind of adjustments I need to make to get what I want, and I need to work on cleaner dosing.

Talking of clean dosing I finally saw the Bellissimo Extreme Pours DVD. Far too short, not worth the money and if people were that messy in dosing around my coffee shop I’d kick their arse. What really concerned me about it was how they kind of glossed over the whole extraction process (not very advanced to me) and then showed some milk steaming but gave no real explanation on achieving textures.

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