UK Barista Championships – London Regional Heat

Well, the good news is that I won!

It was in the Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum, an odd place with some cool old machines and a lot of vintage china. The heat was quite a quiet one, with a couple of no-shows to boot (the Costa Coffee Barista champ amongst them).
My name was pulled out of the hat second, so there was no long waiting around for me. Dived in and I did ok. I think I scored about 725 points, not too far ahead of second place (a lovely lady who entered last year and then came to us for more competition training, so it was really good to see her do well.)

My coffee was my weak point, but my screw-ups are nobody’s fault but mine. My signature is a cool concept (sorry – not giving much away) but it needs work from a flavour balance point of view.

Couple of quick photos:

Richard (who I worked with at Gaggia) and some judges:

Judges (including Simon three times UK Champ Robertson on the left):

I talk (I have much to say….)

I will be attending all regional heats (as well as the finals now!) so will try and take more and better pictures when I ain’t in the runnin’

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