UK Barista Championships – Scottish Heat

No pictures for this one I am afraid – though I may be sent some and will update as and when.

Right – this heat was held at the Langs Hotel and was full up.

All but one of the entrants were using one of Matthew Algie’s coffees, as Algie’s were hosting the event. One entrant had come over from Belfast as he was unable to get into the full Belfast heat (which takes place tomorrow – watch this space).

The standard of the baristas was similar to the Northern Heat. Notable, sadly for the wrong reasons, were two entrants – one forgot to make his cappuccinos and one had a rather unfortunate sig drink spill/smash having only got one drink down on the table.

So – the results? Second place was something of a surprise – no doubt pleasing people like Coffee House magazine who like to see underdogs do well. Justin worked for a motorway service station at Tebay in Cumbria.

The winner was Algie’s trainer James Sheperd, who was the favourite. He talked at the right times, said the right things, and his signature drink was a pine nut oil infused macchiato which I didn’t get to taste. He was a comfortable winner and made top 6 in the finals last year.

What was good was the reaction of most entrants. All will come back, all enjoyed it and I am pretty sure that all will be making better coffee. The hosting hotel even entered 2 people and had noted that in the run up to the comp the quality of the coffee and the interest in it was greatly improved.

Finished building the Belfast set tonight, and I am shattered. Some good food, plenty of sleep and then I am right back into it tomorrow.

Will try and post a report tomorrow night.

EDIT – Anette made it into the press – I had nothing to do with this latte art!