Absolutely shattered

Currently in Mercanta trying the new competition blend, barely managing to stay awake.

It has been a very long week – I have now the pictures so they will be duly added to the heat reports below. I shudder to think how many miles have been travelled, but getting home at 5am this morning, having left Belfast on the ferry nearly 12 hours before it sometimes feels like almost too many. That and the fact that I had a minor disagreement with a police car this morning on the M1 about how fast I should be allowed to travel. They won. Not best pleased.

Looking forward to the last two regionals – if only because they are the LAST two! Some strong competitors in these heats as well. Camera is charged up and ready to go!

It has been really good to meet some lovely professional baristas from all over the UK, to meet others of a like mind and a desperate desire to learn more and develop. I have a feeling that the final is going to be great for a number of reasons, not just because I like and respect several of the other finalists.

Whoever wins I think should take up a certain responsability with regards to developing the craft of the barista, in a champion we should have an ambassador and perhaps, to some extent, a leader. I hope we don’t get someone who doesn’t care about coffee that much, or is only in it for the money and the title.

Anyway – in 19 days or so we shall know!

Onwards to Nefyn (wherever the hell it is!)