Hotelympia 2006, 19th – 23rd May

Aside from their being a competition there was also one of the biggest trade shows of the year going on.

Several long days of dealing with the trade may or may not be the best way to get tuned up for a comp but we did a lot fo espresso and a lot of milk, so I guess it can’t be all bad.

One of the Italian baristas was over, called Luca Dore. He has a seemingly enviable job of supporting the worldwide distributors so is constantly flying all over the place, working in loads of different countries and cities. I think he needs a holiday. He’s a rock solid bloke and it was nice to have someone to have a little latte art one-upmanship with.


A little latte art (this one is mine):

The stand we had this year was pretty huge (about 60 square metres). Most of the time it was rammed.

We had a cool tower in one corner:

Inside the tower there was a revolving machine, with pretty flashy lights. I am so easily pleased!

Was a great show, nice to catch up with a load of people and to meet so many more. However, when I find out who told all the trainee chefs about us doing latte art so about 50 decended demanding drinks there will be trouble….

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