Had a good chat with Simon Robertson today

Was really good to talk through my performance with a judge today, especially one that has no problem telling me my faults in a good blunt, yorkshire manner.

With hindsight I am pretty pleased about my performance, and the competition in general. It was also interesting to hear how the judges reacted to my coffee. I’m really proud of the blend, and it was a relief to find that I didn’t screw up the serving of it too much.

I’ve got some great ideas for my signature drink, that should make it more of a visual treat, and of course I need to work harder on the flavours.
Looking forward to a little break, ironically in Switzerland, before coming back refreshed, invigorated and ready to go back to the 100+ hr/week schedule. Its only for 10 weeks (I keep telling myself.) Booked the flights for Bern today too. Feels a bit more concrete.

In other news I am monstrously jealous of Anette who is enjoying the finest coffee Colombia has to offer.

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