Lunch with John Sanders and Alistair Durie

Alistair and John were passing through London on their way back from Zambia and I managed to catch up with them over lunch.

They had been out there for a little while working to encourage consumption of coffee in producing countries. Zambians apparently drink an average of 80g of real coffee per year (correct me if I misheard that), and they were working with a view to increasing consumption as part of a solution to the coffee crisis. They were doing training on barista skills, putting some machines in, doing some roasting training and seemed to be really enjoying the response they were getting.

It sounded incredible and they were both really excited and enthusiastic about the experience. It’s always lovely to sit the other side of a table with people like this. Great guy to meet, and I look forward to seeing John again in Bern (I need to pay for the Scace device they very kindly put my way – most excited about that!) and perhaps I ought to pop over to Vancouver to see the Elysian Room when Stephen Morrissey is over there working for Wicked Cafe.

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