The blend debate

Been watching wilth mild interest (having waded in early on) the debate going on at coffeegeek about single origin.

I suspect that it is going to be one of those debates that go round and round with everyone having made up their minds a long time ago.

My only thought on this subject is if you really are after a special espresso is there any place in your blend for a coffee that isn’t good enough to enjoy on its own? For me – no. Blending’s traditions lie in cost, repeatability – some sort of constancy I suppose.

I don’t want my coffee to always taste the same. There is too much I’d be missing out on.

With this in mind I really can’t wait to get stuck into my WBC blend. I am just waiting for one more coffee to arrive (whilst sea transport has a certain romanticism to it, it really doesn’t cater to the greedy and impatient barista). Then it is into the lab….

I will post my ramblings about it in due course.

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