Rosettas – one or more?

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. A year or more ago I was really into doing multiple rosettas. 3 in a 5oz cup type of thing. I loved the pictures that were up in the Vivace gallery with Bronwen’s heart and rosetta in the same cup. Actually I still love that picture. For me it is the exception.

I’ve come to find multi-art really boring. More than that I think it is really quite ugly. Granted there are a few that can do something ündoubtedly special with it, but would you really rather have three thin rosettas crammed into one cup than one full, symetrical, delicate and detailed leaf spread out, filling the cup?

It is one of those things that gets a little obsessed about by those within the community with zero impact to the consumer. The average consumer has no idea what skills are required to pour latte art. They assume that if you can do one then you can do two, three or more. I think if we are going to put things in the top of people’s drinks it should be for them. Pour them something that is as aesthetically pleasing as you are able. Multi-art is really just about showing off to your peers, and is turning latte art into a pissing contest really something that we want to do?

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