I can’t stop buying books

Today I have bought the following (some took ages to find, I have no idea if they are any good!):

Hacienda La Minita: Photographs and Essays of the Renowned Coffee Farm, William j. McAlpin
Inspired by Coffee: A guide to the world of coffee, Ian Bersten
The Connoisseur’s Book of Indian Coffee (no name yet)
Open-Economy Politics : The Political Economy of the World Coffee Trade, Robert H. Bates
The Complete Book of Coffee, Henry Rolnick
Vassouras: a Brazilian Coffee Country (1850-1900), Stanley J. Stein
Land of Coffee, Frederick Hall

They are all being shipped from round the world, which means a long and frustrating wait until I get my hands on them. Really looking forward to the new flat where I can get some proper shelves and give my little library a proper home.

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