Writing the Espresso Presentation for Dublin

It has been a great experience writing this seminar I am giving in Dublin. I made the decision early on that everyone has seen the same old espresso presentation.

Instead I plan to discuss the variable in the process and giving some context for each “rule”.

What has been really great is going back though all my notes, articles and books to relearn the details I plan to talk about. I plan to present something I’d have loved to have seen a year ago or so. It is also really challenging me to get my head around a few things that I was somewhat light on previously – such as staling chemistry, further inspired by a thread over at home-barista.com. Paul Songer’s paper that I found ages, written for the SCAA is very interesting though has limited application for espresso.

And all this does for me is raise a load of questions I don’t know how to answer (and I hope nobody asks on the 11th!). The problem I suppose is being not sure exactly what questions to ask or who to ask them too. For all the open discussion on the net there still remains doors that don’t open until you’ve really made a name for yourself, and I’m not entirely sure how I am going to do that (to assume that WBC is my ticket is desperately arrogant). That said I looking forward to meeting a lot of people in Bern, in Seattle I was kind of half jet lagged, tied up with backstage at the comp and not very sure of myself. I look forward to meeting Nick Cho from Murky Coffee and Jay Caragay too, if he is going. One day I’ll make it onto a portafilter podcast, if only for the novelty accent. Be nice to see Halvard again (the Norwegian Champ) having briefly met him in Athens last year. As a former co-worker of Anette’s I am sure her loyalties will be a little divided!

I’d really love to get over to the US too, there are far too many baristas over there I’d like to meet, so many cafe’s I’d like to see – if only to try and give me some reference for all that is talked up online.

In other news

My new blend should be coming in at the end of next week, but I think I’ll have to wait until the weekend because I am teaching a latte art course at the LSC. Goodbye to another weekend then…

Really looking forward to my trip to El Salvador which merits a post of its own, but I am still waiting on a few details before I rant overexcitedly about it.

Enjoying work – which sometimes I suspect I’m not grateful enough about. Before this I’d always had terrible jobs, and kind of assumed everyone hates their job. Now I don’t have one I hate I feel pretty lucky. Off to Newcastle this week. Should be interesting, haven’t been up their since I left Uni. Must remember to pack extra warm clothes!

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