Watching the UKBC 2006 DVD

Caught a sneaky peak at this – it is really quite well done. Two sections – first one contains an edited 15 minute version of the day, with snippets from everyone as well as a little bit of the winning announcement, but for the hardcore devotees there is a second section with people’s perfomances in their entirety.

For some reason I can’t get mine to play, and have only looked at a couple of others but the short video at the start is great – good for spreading the word of the competition certainly. Makes me realise I have even more to do for Bern than I thought but that is no bad thing!

Can’t stand listening to myself talk though – as if anyone can – and my face after I’ve finished is priceless.

Hopefully this should be available to one and all quite soon.

Another nice surprise today was to find some not only my new Fluke at head office, but some specially printed espresso and cappuccino cups with my name and UK Champ on the inside courtesy of Quickfire cups. I must update this post when I have a proper link for them to hand. Very nice people all round!

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