A good weekend

A busy weekend for me. I’m covered head to toe in sawdust at the moment having taken some proper machinery to the floors in my new flat.
I cupped a couple of potential WBC blends and they were simply excellent and yet I think they have more to give (which is very exciting indeed).

Cooking up a batch of special something to take to the Fat Duck tomorrow as they’ve never seen (or tasted!) the drink they helped me to create. Hopefully I will come away tomorrow reinvigorated and with a few fresh ideas.

Finally I must confess that I am very jealous indeed of all the people over at the SCAA show in Charlotte. I’d love to have a look round a fair few of the booths there and have a quick look at the USBC. Looking forward to reading as many reports as possible and hopefully catching a few videos very kind people upload for the foreigners like me!

Presentation for Dublin is just about done. I hope not to say anything wrong/politically unwise. An achievable goal I hope!

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