Busy easter

Not strictly coffee related but so far my Easter has been spent lugging things up stairs. New flat, lots of space, not a lot of time! I am utterly shattered, I hope to sleep most of the flight to El Salvador!

In more WBC related news – need to do some shopping for the sig drink. Who knew I would need a pressure cooker or that they were so useful? (Don’t worry – I won’t be using it on stage, but I will be using it to make some excellent vegetable stock at home) I am aware that a lot of WBC competitors will be getting on the GB5s for some serious practise time. I don’t have that option. I don’t think there is a single GB5 in the UK – though I think Karl might be able to get on one in Dublin. It isn’t a major concern. I had a little play on them in Seattle and they were fine. I think it would be childish to complain about not being able to use a machine, or that I didn’t do well because I didn’t know it. A barista should be capable on any machine, and I don’t think practising on one is going to give me a major advantage. I have a Linea I’ve dialled in to act like a comp machine (pressure, temp, basket etc) so I can get my blend sorted. The rest is down to practise, prep and determination.

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