Competition, Music and Moaning

In between the endless and dread-filling WBC run throughs it is kind of nice to just stop, taste your coffee, and remember why on earth you are putting yourself through this!
I find practising very hard, there is something about it that I just really don’t like, though talking to an empty room can make you feel a little crazy!

In other news – I have finally succumbed and create a myspace page. I don’t know why – I hate the site, the layout, the everything about it. But it is quite a useful place to store music so I can send it to people and stuff.

And finally on to the moaning. I am a little surprised to have heard nothing from the WBC. At all, apart from a confirmation e-mail that I was who I was and I was supposed to be the UK entrant.

A lot of time and effort went into testing machines applying for WBC sponsorship. Temperature was the deciding factor as this is, as we all know, crucial to the taste of the espresso. Why then, with less than two weeks to go, aren’t competitors recieving the vital information about the brew temp it will be set at? (I know it is 200F on the middle group, but that is because Mr Sanders told me so, in person over lunch) Everyone wants their coffee to taste as good as possible and adaptations can be made around brew temp – though this is unlikely for those that haven’t been informed.

I might be wrong – maybe the data is online at or at and if so then I apologise. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve just been too blind to see something obvious!

What I would like to know, however, is when I am drawn – as a day is a long time in the life or roasted coffee……

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