Packing it all up….

Well I am now the proud possessor of luggage stuffed with bubble wrap. I’m really quite relieved that the guys from Mercanta are driving over so I could stash some glassware and a grinder with them!

My luggage is hideously overweight – though nothing like the 140kg of luggage David Makin’s entourage are lugging from Australia (gawd bless em)

With final practise sessions over I feel quite relaxed. Not confident, more resigned I guess. Looking forward to finally getting my hands on a GB5 – for so long I’ve always said that not knowing a specific machine is not an excuse. I guess we shall see for sure.
As for the perfomance – I’ve decided to ditch any sort of scripting, in favour of the braver/foolish improv. Of course no one will be able to tell if they only see me perform once. If only that were a good enough reason to stick me in the finals!

What I really hope is that I enjoy this, that I meet some great people and come away with some good memories and a reinvigorated passion for what I do. On that subject I was lucky enough to cup a pretty full table of Guats, Harrars (one with the most unusual artificial strawberry taste – like Starburst strawberry – that was fun. It was really quite distinct, and I’ve never been a fan of pointlessly flowery language!) and other bits and pieces. I love cupping, just quietly working along a table of coffees, mentally filling out notes and chatting about them afterwards in good company. A better way to spend my last day before competition than making myself nervous and demoralised.

Up early to fly tomorrow – next post should be from Bern….

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