A quick post from Bern

A quick hello from the hotel.

Bern is very pretty (pictures to follow at some point) and I could get very fat if I had to spend some serious time here…. oh lord the cakes!

The show is still being put together. The comp area looks cool, very long and thin. Bright blue GB5s and the lighting for the groupheads is better than Seattle, less of a blue light. Lots of familiar faces around. A very patient Bronwen gave me a shot whilst setting up for the judges callibration (from which I was ejected, having not noticed that they’d started. Oops!) Was a nice shot, really nutty, quite sweet. More than that it was some very necessary caffeine!

Backstage looks good, loads of room. Haven’t bumped into any of the other competitors yet, but I am sure they will all be out tonight. I’ll be taking a LOT of photos this week, so stay tuned.

Really nice atmosphere here at the moment, which is good.

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