What a day…

Just back at the hotel after my performance.

Things did not go quite to plan. Somehow I ended up with my second set of capp shots running really long (either I didn’t hit the button properly, or perhaps not at all!)

I chose to redo the shots.

THis kind of knocked me off course a little bit, and I didn’t really present in the way that I had planned to. Still, it was a lot of fun, the crowd were amazing, really really great. It felt like an honour to be on that stage and i am proud of my performance and my recovery. The signature drink went ok too. I am pretty happy.

Off to the Mercanta party tonight. A friend took a load of pictures of me performing and I’ll try and upload them and a few more when I get back later.

Klaus was awesome I hear, so was the Icelandic girl. Sammy sounded great from where I was though I was prepping through his whole performance. I am sure there were loads of other great competitors that I missed.

Will link to the pics when they are up. Thanks to everyone who sent messages of support – you’ve all been amazing. This goes for other competitors too – there is a really wonderful atmosphere backstage.

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