Being a bit useless

I’m sorry that I haven’t put up my finals report yet. I think maybe because all the interesting stuff was in the semis and I kind of suffered a mixture of being really tired, having very little time this week (excuses, excuses) and running a little low on motivation.

Its been crazy since Bern. Straight back into a build for a trade show, up at 4.30 in the morning to appear (due to the segment being cut short) for no apparent reason on breakfast tv on the BBC. Two days of a very busy trade show, where a worrying amount of people recognised me from the news that morning and I made a lot of coffee. Used up the last of the WBC blend on the punters and people seemed to enjoy it, which is great. Thanks again to Steve for that – the man is indeed legend. He’s got the Canario from Cachoeira up on his site for sale now. Its tempted to buy an aeropress just so I can enjoy it without having to work….

The one thing I am struggling with is constantly being introduced as UK champion or whatever, and not really knowing how to acknowledge this. To the vast majority of the public it is no more important than someone winning an award for really good sandwiches. Still, its quite fun.

Another trade show next week, and a few articles to write for here and there. Should stick a few pictures up soon. Had a nice flight to Cornwall at sunset and was bored enough to point my camera out of the window.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that my brain is already plotting signature drinks for next year. I’ve had a great idea but I think the chemistry is a little beyond anything I’ll be capable of in a year. But if I can do it………

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