A much needed weekend

At the end of a very long week I am very much looking forward to this weekend. Of nothing.

Today I judged an in house barista competition, technical thankfully – I just couldn’t face 30 odd coffees at the moment. Lots of fun, and just about everyone took something positive out of it. It was the first time I had done any judging, and it was very interesting.

The day before had been a trade show, which was not so much fun. I was working, supporting a customer, and they stuck me on the machine, put a menu behind me and then gave away coffee. They were the only people doing coffee at the show. A little under 6 hours later, I’m 8 kilos to the good and it feels good to maintain a quality of drink when busy like this, and in ridiculously large take out cups, whilst also chatting to people, talking about coffee and all sorts of everything.

I don’t often get the chance to be a working barista these days so its pretty good for me to have a busy day once in a while!

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