Cropping up all over the place

It is most interestjng to check the stats pages and see where people to this blog from are coming from. It is from a delightful mix of sources, though amongst the most intruiging (and pleasing) was an appearance on the newsletter for Espresso Warehouse, who are lovely people and very helpful to me in the run up to the WBC, which contains an interesting article on barista competition in the UK. They also (quite wisely I might add) suggest visiting Stephen “The Irish Beard” Morrissey’s blog which is covering his exploits as a barista in Vancouver for a couple of months. He’s a geek but tries hard to pretend otherwise. He is also a splendid barista.

The one thing about the increased traffic is that I feel I ought to post more content, and I know I promised an article about lipids and coffee (I wrote it once, and then switched off the laptop without saving the post in bloggar! Arse.) It will arrive at some point.


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