The most inspiring moments in coffee…..

… are probably the most frustrating ones.

Swung by Mercanta and had a brief chat to Flori Marin who had just arrived back from a whirlwind tour around the farms they buy from in Brazil, with a couple of people from Monmouth in tow. (They have monkeys at Cachoeira! This seals the deal, I must visit this farm!) She was really excited about one farm in particular that had been developing a new twist on dry pulping that was yielding incredible sweetness in the bean. Went up to the lab and had a look at the green and the prep looks really unusual. Talked to a couple of people who cupped it the day before and they were raving about it too. So, stood there with this bag of green in my hand I want to roast it and brew it for espresso that very instant – it is killing me. But I can’t. I have to go and get on with my day.

I cannot wait til the full shipment of that coffee arrives and I can get stuck into some. It doesn’t matter if it fails to fulfil my expectations of it, or if it maybe isn’t the coffee that I want it to be. More importantly it fired my mind and my passion for what I do.

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