Macro Coffee Photography

As you may have noticed from my header images of late I am getting into macro photography (well – as macro as my camera will let me, I’d love one of those cameras they film wildlife stuff with!).

The only real frustration is lighting. I hate the flash, especially up close around lots of reflective metal. I don’t really know enough about photography to know a cheap and easy way around it. In fact there probably isn’t one.

Still – I do like pictures like this one:

Close up espresso pour

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  1. Chris

    What kind of a camera are you using? Getting an external flash unit and bouncing the flash off the ceiling does wonders.

  2. J.P.

    Jim, your macro shots are really nice and I hope that you’ll never bore to take more of them.
    Macro lenses are great fun to work with. Your shots are well composed, beautifully lit and have great
    perspective. Overall they’re great eye catching shots. I haven’t seen many better coffee photos.
    Keep it up!

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