“Seattle Emergency Espresso”

Anette came home the other night with two odd things. One of which was a very strange cloth bag brewer, which I don’t want to use because I don’t want to dirty the perfectly white linen! The other was this book:

Seattle Emergency Espresso

Published in 1992 it is an unusua book, filled with a lot of familiar names that are still doing well – the obvious global chain aside.

An interesting read…

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  1. jim

    Thanks for the tip.

    However I think there are just too many more interesting ways to brew my coffee without the worry of finding a slightly frightening sounding cleaning product!

  2. Mark


    oxygen enriched cleaning particles… it’s about as safe as you can get in a cleaner – completely biodegradable, safe to even drink if you want.

    there’s only two cleaners in my lab for coffee stuff. Cafiza for anything with brass on it, and oxyclean for everything else – cloth, steel, you name it. Oh. and a third – for anything aluminum.

    most of the vac pot brewing I do is with ceramic filters (wrapped in cloth); between each use, they go into a cup with hot water and oxyclean, and wallah, fresh as a sanitary daisy in a few minutes. no muss, no fuss.

  3. jim

    Thank you clearing that one up – I shall have to trackdown some of this stuff. Is it any good for bar towels and the like?

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