Future plans for the blog

Things are getting closer and closer to being “done” around here, and time is getting close just to get on with the serious business of writing interesting posts!

One thing that I have been added and hope to build into something useful is the “Coffees I am enjoying” section.  Every coffee that goes up there will go into an archive page accessable through the tabs in the header.  They will be organised by origin alphabetically.  This way I, and anyone interested, should have some basic notes on coffees that have come through the door, and it will be interesting to see which is the most popular method brewing.

Coming up there will be some comparisons of some interesting (I hope) espresso blends, and possibly a discussion/investigation or two onto what I believe to be myths in coffee.

Anything else you would like to see you will have to tell me about – leave a comment or drop me an e-mail to jim at jimseven dot com.

2 Comments Future plans for the blog

  1. Luca

    Very cool. For the longest time I just kept on discarding any and all notes … have made no progress learning how to roast, so I started doing a similar thing recently. It’s actually not all that easy to find coffee notes on the web, and the more people doing it, the better. Time to add this to my ‘taste coffee’ links …

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