What are they feeding them at Estate Coffee

I noticed that our current splendi WBC champion has a new website, so any of you wise people can now book him for a variety of things such as training and shows.
However, it was looking at the pictures section that a thought that had crossed my mind in Bern came rushing back. Is there a minimum height limit for work in this company? The guys at Daterra are thoroughly dwarfed by Klaus, Peter and Soren!

Estate Coffee at Daterra

4 Comments What are they feeding them at Estate Coffee

  1. jim

    Actually I am about the same height as Klaus – so maybe there is hope for me should I ever need a job in Copenhagen…..

  2. Klaus

    He he he
    I remember this incident in Trieste where Søren, Peter and I came into the lobby at our hotel. These three Italian ladies where laughing so hard they cried. At first they didn’t belive how tall Søren was and when two more came into the room they couldn’t help it. One of them had to go stand beside us – just like at the wax museum :-)

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