Getting stuck into some reading

Started leafing through my coffee library as I start researching a paper for a study group.

It is very easy to collect books on coffee for their own sake, and I am as guilty as the next man.  I’ve got lots of them (well – not hundreds or anything) that aren’t much good for reference as I have all the source texts.  Interesting to see how badly written many of them are, some barely above casual plagiarism.  I think I’ve probably posted before on the number of coffee books that anyone with a copy of Davids and Ukers could knock up in half a day.  Books published as a reaction to a percieved spike in the public’s interest in coffee.  Not useful books – but when you see them on ebay for 99p you can’t help but bid!
I love reading these older books, they have so much more character.  An imaginery prize to the first reader to correctly the identidy the book under Ukers….

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  2. Brotherhood of the Bean

    I’ve been reading “The Coffee Book – Anatomy of an Industry from Crop to the Last Drop” by Gregory Digum and Nina Luttinger. Its not bad, and like you say, was pretty cheap off amazon used.

    Have any recommendations for quintessential coffee books?

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