5 Comments The much maligned bell pitcher

  1. Dave Liefbroer

    Man, I hate it when I see this. I struggle with making some decent art with a good pitcher. And here you go and make something far better than I’ve ever accomplished with a pitcher that shouldn’t even be capable of doing art.

    Great job!

  2. Chris

    Nice work jim, I remember practicing with bell pitchers a lot when i first started working as a barista as it was all we had at the time. I find that you have to oscillate the milk much more slowly or it just sits still. It’s rather a strange feeling and feels like drawing very slowly.

    Anyway nice pour. I’m just reading your Big 3 blend comparison, i’m very sorry that you found bean storage to be an issue in one of the Nero’s you visited….it’s just the damn inconsistency that get’s me. If you want to PM the name of the branch you visited that would be very helpful :-)

    Anyway nice pour Jim! I love all the new blog stuff, you really are a great Ambassador to coffee in this country.

  3. Nick Brown

    hahaha, i can only imagine why this post was deleted. did the bell pitcher mafia get to you? i actually thought you made a pretty good pitch for the bloody things with that rosetta, but lo and behold, it’s gone.

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