Off to Norway

Leave for Trondheim early tomorrow with Anette for a week.

Hopefully will get over to Oslo for a day so I should be able to find out if this magical Scandanavian coffee is up to much!

If anyone has any recommendations then please leave me a comment.

I will post upon my return….

8 Comments Off to Norway

  1. Chris

    Have a great time guys, I can’t get enough of Scandanavian coffee! Don’t forget Stockfleth’s though i guess that kind of goes without saying

  2. Chris Owens

    Not sure if I’m too late for this but, as Chris said Stockfleth’s is a good choise. I enjoyed the oldest one best. Stockfleth’s Prinsens Gate. Also, you must see MOCCA and JAVA. Very beautiful cafes and, for me, the best espresso of my trip. If you make it, please say hi to Mie, Joar, and John for me.

  3. Olings (Ola)

    I don’t know if you’ll be reading this Jim, but I live in Oslo and can only agree with what Chris Owens said. I love coming in at when they’re roasting and smelling the intense aroma of freshly roasted beans. For the most part however I drink my coffee at JAVA on St.Hanshaugen (the location of the café).

    Have a great time in Norway!


  4. Olings (Ola)

    Eh… I thought I put it there, but the missing word (café) should be MOCCA as in “I love to come in at MOCCA…


  5. Chris Owens

    Sorry. I know you’re back now but I was wrong. Although Stockfleth’s Prinsens Gate was good, I meant to say that I had my best Stockfleths’ shot at Lille Grensen. Sorry for switching up the locations.

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