Leaving Norway tomorrow

Fly back to London tomorrow afternoon, leaving behind the beautiful and rather splendid Trondheim.

The memory stick on my camera is full to bursting point, and there will be many a length post (packed with photos of course) about coffee in Trondheim and also on our 2 day caffeine fuelled whirl in Oslo (thanks will be given to Mr Wendleboe for being an awesome and entertaining host, as well as to Eirik for letting us sleep somewhere warm and splendid)

Met a lot of baristas (though I do find being shoved in front of a machine and expected to be interesting tricky, more so when you worry alot about criticising and coming across as an arrogant and pompous arse!  A seperate post on this subject is brewing!) and drank a fair bit of coffee.  I can see now how the Scandanavians drink 5 times the weight of coffee per head compared to the UK.  Coffee here is omnipresent, completely fused into daily life.

Not back to London immediately, but heading north and perhaps taking in a cafe or two on the way.  That said everything should be posted up on here within a week.


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  1. BazBean

    Sounds like a great trip James, the world of coffee just seems to keep opening the hearts and its doors, a true kinship in my humble.

    the comments on coffee being infused into daily life over there is something i have to addmit being a little jelous over, as we seem to be a little behind the times here in the UK.
    factors contributing to this being common place are obviously cultural/historical but how does this actually start becoming commonplace i wonder?
    maybe as our “drinking” culture hopefully subsides then coffee would be the obvious replacment?

    On the being stuck in front of machines .. guess its a bit like when people meet there favourite comedian and they just expect them to be funny…….
    heavy is the head that wears the crown Jim, heavy is the head !. but i can imadgine it must become tiresome especially given the time dedicated per day….

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