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It may seem odd that I have made no mention of the fact that there is a page in this month’s Barista Magazine dedicated to this blog.  It may seem perhaps aloof, or as if I assume that everyone who reads this blog buys the magazine so would know without being told.  (Of course I do assume you buy it, which you should – if only for this month’s and maybe next month’s as well….)

In truth I had been away and simply hadn’t had a chance to look at the magazine and to see what was there.  I also wanted to get the posts about Norway out of the way whilst the memories were still quite fresh in my mind.

I think Chemically Imbalanced seemed to scoop me on my own story, but thats ok – because (as you’ll find in the article) I like that blog a lot.

I’m delighted to have been chosen, and I have no idea how much traffic it has generated (also I probably should have waited a while before changing the URL of the site).  I hope to contribute more to the only magazine that is really relevant to what we do and is a good read for both seasoned pro and those new to brewing espresso.

Plus you can read about Klaus, and why (damn him) he deserves to be the best in the world this year….

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