A random act of kindness

Today clearly caught me in a good mood. I am going to send someone a bag of coffee beans of my choosing.

If you leave a comment then you are eligable and I will pick someone at random next Monday and send them 250g of roasted coffee beans. This is open to anyone in the world.

All I ask is that when the lucky recipient gets them they tell me what they think and send me a cool picture of them drinking the coffee, or brewing the coffee. Its up to them how they drink it.

It’s not really a proper competition, just a bit of fun.

edit – I have decided what the coffee will be: 250g of Fazenda Cachoeira Canario from HasBean. It was part of my UKBC and WBC blend.
There really is no catch or anything (I am not slyly creating a mailing list or anything!). Just leave a comment and someone gets the coffee.

edit – 08/09/06 – I will choose the lucky person tomorrow and they can choose either green or roasted.

Well done Logan!
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27 Comments A random act of kindness

  1. Michael

    I would gladly send someone a bag of coffee of my choosing from here in Vancouver to another person in exchange for a picture. Maybe we could work something out where I send some coffee to you and one other person, who in turn sends coffee to me and one other person, and so on. We could start a website with all the pictures of people drinking coffees from around the world! Also an excellent way to taste coffees some of us would never be able to try locally.

  2. Gobs

    I guess kindness is contagious. I would love to join but ain’t got my grinder yet. nevertheless, the idea is truely unique jim.

  3. dan griffin

    i would love to try some of your coffee!!! even if i dont “win” i would love to get a coffee exchange program going. i mean seriously why havent we been doing this all along? great idea……

  4. Logan

    You got my attention gladly have a brew of a fine coffee and I garantee the picture will have a big smile to go along with that act of kindness. And I deffenetly have some coffee to pass around.

  5. Mentness

    Count me in too Jim.

    I like Micheals Idea of a coffee ‘piramid’ scheme in exchange for pictures of everyones ugly muggs. It would be good to put faces to all the names.

  6. Chris Owens

    I’m in for sure.


    and welocome home from Norway. It seems that you had a very similar experience to mine. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to go back.

  7. Dave Liefbroer

    I’d love to try a cup of a component of your WBC blend (will Anette be roasting it in the Hottop :) ).

  8. rice

    Great idea, a multinational coffee exchange program?

    I’m willing to dispatch beans from Melbourne, Australia.


  9. Nathan Wakeford

    Well I’m always interested in sampling fine coffee – there seems to be a scarcity of specialty beans in Australia which is something I am currently working on. I participate in regular coffee geek sessions so I would be able to share it with some members of Melbourne’s specialty coffee scene and I have a trusty camera!

  10. Olings

    An intriguing idea! Send some get some. It shouldn’t be of a pyramid style, though as it seems to me that only a very small percentage actually benefits from these schemes. But as a chain-letter kind of thing I’m definately in. If anyone is interested in some coffee roasted in Oslo, Norway after reading Jims article I can help as I live there.

    As for the random act of kindness thingy that this started out with, I already have my camera ready and my favorite mug washed and polished.

  11. Luca

    Yep, great idea. Hell, let’s grow the living crap out of it and start up a whole coffee exchange webpage! Sort of like a giant time-share ;P

    On another matter; quick question – who’s off to the nordic barista cup?



  12. jim

    A coffee exchange sounds like a great idea to me, but I don’t think I want to be the one in charge of setting it up. With work, hobbies and the study group I have more than enough to deal with!

    As for the Nordic Cup – yeah, I will be there from the Friday onwards. Really looking forward to catching up with lots of people…

  13. jeffcapeshop

    i have never had a cup of coffee in my life, if that’s not a good reason to try something decent i don’t know what is ;)

  14. Luca

    Cool news, James! Pete Wolff from Veneziano will be going up – maybe you guys met at the WBC? Be sure to give him a hard time ;P

  15. CakeBoy

    The coffee equivalent of a chain letter …. fab ;-) Can you imagine it; “The first person to send coffee containing robusta will have seven years bad luck” or some other typical chain letter threat! lol

    Seriously though, sending coffee to the “next person on the list” or something similar sounds like a brilliant idea. A bit like the book thing (name escapes me) where books are left “in the wild” for others associated with the scheme, and they leave something in return for the next person.

    PLease someone leave me some Esmeralda ……. hehe

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