5 coffee articles for September ’06

Thought I’d post a selection of links to a few things of interest. Most are pretty old. All are good reading. I will try and do this regularly. If you find a link of interest then drop me a link at jim at jimseven.com

“A Question of Freshness” by Paul Songer (pdf)
A great introduction to coffee freshness from Paul Songer (serious coffee flavour guy, and heavily involved in the Cup of Excellence) Well written, informative but very readable. Essential introductory reading.

“History of the Espresso Machine (Part 1)” by Ian Bersten (pdf)

Ian Bersten, author of “Coffee Floats, Tea Sinks” and collector of vintage espresso machines, wrote two articles for Crema Magazine (to which we subscribe and have just recieved all the back issues of – unusual magazine, will explain another time). This is part 1. I can’t find a pdf of part 2, but I shall try….

A post on being a barista by Michael M
Michael is a barista from Seattle. What he has to say on being a barista is well worth the read.

“Basic Chemical Reactions occuring in the Roasting Process” by Carl Staub (courtesy of Sweetmarias)
One of the first serious articles on coffee roasting I read, and I still come back to it. I enjoyed learning what was considered important in roasting chemistry and used the terms as a spring board to learning more and delving deeper.

“Degradation of Caffeine by Microorganisms and potential use of decaffeinated coffee husk and pulp in animal feeding” by Paulo Mazzafero (link)

A little different to the ones above, but I thought I’d throw one serious bit of science in there for those with an interest in caffeine, and a reminder of the larger world of coffee outside of espresso and specialty coffee.

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  2. Federico Bolaños

    I just wanted to thank you for contributing to the barista community by posting coffee related articles that help us better understand this amazing product: coffee, and how to prepare it right so consumers can enjoy it and have an uncomprable flavor experience.

    Keep up the good work!

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