One free copy of Barista Magazine

Because there was a page about my blog in this month I got a few extra copies.  So I thought I should spread the love a little.  It’s a good issue, with a big interview with WBC Champ Klaus and other interesting things….
To “win” this all you have to do is leave a comment saying why you want it, but why you don’t already subscribe.

I will post it out this Friday to whoever is most entertaining.
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7 Comments One free copy of Barista Magazine

  1. Dave Liefbroer

    Because I want to be sure about taking up a subscription, I’d like to read a test magazine first.

  2. Nick Brown

    Hey, I just got a copy of the mag– Chris from Gimme passed it along (guess he got free mags too, on account of his article). Thanks for the link! What an honour, this is one of my favourite coffee blogs and a constant source of information/inspiration. Keep it up!

  3. steve Leighton

    I already subscribe put cut up my copy to but your article on the Hoff wall where we all worship before a day of roasting. So to have an intact copy without your pictures cut out would be lovely.

  4. BazBean

    Ashamed to admii it but until the blog article i didnt know about such a publication ? the shame i know.

    I should win this so that when i subscribe i will have two copys of my first edition so i can can carry one of them upon my person until the end of time as a penance !!

    plus as i have subcribed in the past to many a marshal cavendidh publications and have endless “starts” of the series of mags which you got the second part free and aparently built in to a comprehensive guide to ” something” and got a free plastic thingy with them…. this is maybe a series i will continue to collect?
    ahh pants Jim just let me win !

  5. ari

    i want the issue to check out the centerfold (they have one, don’t they?)

    don’t subscribe yet, but that’s about to change (once i get my free issue with the subscription info).

    actually, i saw my first issue — the one you’re on — yesterday. looks like a great issue and a great publication.

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