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I’ve got a lot of time for Jon’s thoughts on coffee and competition, and though some would be inclined to dismiss it as a little pretentious I love that he sees coffee’s aesthetic.  His competition routine was compulsive viewing and he is actually a pleasure to watch and listen, which is a rarity in barista competition.

I look forward to further posts….

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  1. RichW

    Have seen Jon compete in two different venues. You’re right, he is a pleasure to watch and he makes it hard to lump his routine in with the 40 others you’ve just sat through. It’s different.

    And you’re also right, he can go over the top with the analogies and verse. But the same wordplay that might me cringe and wince is poetry to the person sitting in front or behind me. It could very well be a generational thing.

    That said, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he brings some rap into the picture next time out.

    Or at the very least introducing some Idaho potatoes into the mix. You ever have diced potatoes roasted or fried with a little espresso powder coating instead of paprika? Try it. Delicious.

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