Congrats and Commiserations

Congratultions to Nick Cho of Murky Coffee and “fame” (if you are calling me at 1am then you clealy aren’t properly famous or you’d have sensible/interesting mystery guests!) on his win at his USBC regional.  We look forward to his performance at the finals next year.  I suspect I have picked up the royal we from Chemically Imbalanced to whom we pass our sincere commiserations on the loss of all the video footage he took of said regional.

I am at a trade show most of this week, until I fly out to Copenhagen ludicrously early for the NBC on Friday (looking forward to catching up with one and all!).  We have some new kit I am curious to play with and I have to give a series of talks about things I am not sure I should be talking about but look forward to nonetheless.

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  1. bz


    thanks james. i honestly don’t know if i would have gone all that way just to watch 1.5 hours of final routines. it was a crazy weekend.

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