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I do love it when the postman brings me new reading material and the last two are absolutely awesome.

Continuing my fantastically lucky streak (with a little help from a friend) I managed to get hold of:

Coffees Produced Throughout the World by Philippe Jobin 

This is listed on the SCAA shop as not only being out of stock, but also at well over 5 times the price I paid for it.  Plus my copy is signed.  Get me.

An interesting book, and undeniably thorough.  Listing both general information on an origin (population, climate, soil and other agricultural produce) it has varying information when it comes to coffee for each country.  Sometimes we get production calendars showing harvest and processing times, in other cases specifics on the varietals grown and also some detail on the individual growing regions.  A lot of detail though not very much depth.  Statistical but not overly informative, nonetheless and great reference text to own.  Published in 1982 it is a little out of date now.

Modern Coffee Production by A.E.Haarer

A fairly old book now (my version was printed in 1958) and therefore hardly deserving of the title modern.  I haven’t really gotten into it yet, though there are a few interesting diagrams and bits of information.  In many ways not very useful – things have moved on too far and there are more relevant books out there.  However, it is one that has cropped up in loads of bibliographies and I look forward to learning how things were done 50 years ago.  Another fairly cheap find, and I think the shipping from Australia cost more than the book!

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