SCAE European Team Challenge in Dublin

Tomorrow I fly over to Dublin to take part in a new barista team competition. We (the UK) compete against Ireland, Estonia, Iceland, Russia and Germany. We aim to kick ass. The team is me, Simon Robertson, Ben Townsend and Louise Henry. The program is spread over three and a bit days and covers roasting, cupping, green coffee, blind latte art and a load of other things. Those interested can find the program (both educational and social) here.

I will be taking the laptop and the camera, though sadly not Anette, which means I shall try and keep the blog as up to date as possible though must remember not to post after consuming too much Guinness. I hope a few spectators will come along (it is free to watch) and I hope everyone has a good time. We shall see……

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  1. Phil Proteau

    Now that sounds like an exciting weekend! I live in the South Eastern U.S., and we just finished up a grueling week-end of regular jump-through-the-hoops Barista Competition. While I personally had a ball participating and watching, I can see how tedious it must have been for casual spectators. I imagine it must have been rather like watching golf, to a non golfer it appear as though someone just hit a little ball from here to there, to someone who understands the game it looks like a miraculous one-in-a-million shot.

    The Europeans seem to be diverting into some very interesting aspects of competitive event planning, the likes of which we in the U.S. can’t quite seem to wrap our brains around. Even the Canadians at least have that wild character of a Tin Man for a trophy. It is worth going just to see someone kiss that thing.

    I am currently helping to plan a Barista Events day at our coffee shop for local Baristas to engage each other in some sociable rabble-rousing. The trick has been to come up with something that is both challenging for professional Baristas, and fun to watch for friends and families that dose not require so much explanation to such questions as “why is she swirling the pitcher?”

    We certainly have a lesson to learn from the Europeans in this area. I know I would like to see some more engaging events in addition to the rigorous challenge of pitting technical and culinary skill against one another.

    I look forward to your updated from the games.

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