A really interesting cupping

I swung by Mercanta yesterday as rumour had it a few pre-shipment samples were due to be cupped and I had a vested interest in one or two of them.

The table was excellent, bar one retail coffee that was bought from a high end supermarket chain and was defected and really quite disgusting.  Debate began as we were cupping two estate Brazils that grow the same varietal, process the same way and are right next door to each other.  I claimed that the difference was subtle but definite, and another cupper agreed.  Challenge time.

With our backs turned Anette lined up 8 bowls of the coffee from the cupping, 4 from each farm, and we had to seperate out each farm.  I had lost a little faith in my skills after the cupping in Dublin, and this is about as hard as cupping gets. I will confess that getting 4 out of 4 right was a mixture of taste, psychology and luck (mostly luck) but it felt really good.  Both coffees were awesome but there was something about the better of the two (imho) that just had this extra creamy sensation.  Both these coffees are incredible and I cannot wait to try them as espresso.  Another coffee on the table is one I am looking at for next years competition blend and I had talked with the farmer about perhaps him processing it a little differently to last year.  I am not claiming to know better than him (it was already a process he was using on other coffees with stunning results) and he does an incredible job however he processes.  Nonetheless, going by yesterday’s cupping, I am really excited by the results.

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  1. Neil

    Just out of curiosity… :-)

    What was the name of the retail coffee and which supermarket chain did it come from?


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