Coffee Video Magazine

Saw this link over on Dan’s blog, and thought it appropriate to post here:

Coffee Video Magazine

All the stars are there – Billy Wilson, Matt Riddle, Amber Sather and many more!

Just starting to wade my way through them all now….

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  1. Phil

    Just to clarify, regarding the NZ style stuff, that Pukeko cafe the nz style mocha is from some crazy hick cafe out in the country, not representative of some of the great cafe’s we do have in our country (she didn’t even distribute before tamping, n oh all that tapping jst made me cringe)

    the flat white video wasn’t bad though (it’s like a small latte, long story..)

  2. Helen


    I’m with Coffee Video Magazine. We put out new content on the first Monday of every month. Next month we’ll have Amber Sather, a NZ style Affogato and lots more so make sure you catch the new content on the first Monday of every month.

    Also, we welcome your feedback at


    Helen Kibby

  3. Hugo

    Great magazine, already looking forward to the next edition. Thanks for posting the link.

    I agree with the Moccha comment. Scary.

  4. Nick Brown

    Hehe, nice steam wand in the mochaccino as well. Yikes! Sweet tappa-tappa-tappa knocking technique too, rivalling Jay’s coffeed post from a while back. But I’d like to see where this goes, should be a nice resource as long as they can avoid publishing terrible technique and bad habits– those things snowball fast!

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